La Amapola Spanish Dresses

La Amapola Spanish Dresses

La Amapola Spanish Dresses

La Amapola is a luxury brand of Spanish childrenswear. They specialise in beautifully crafted Spanish baby dresses and Spanish girls dresses. They are widely known throughout the childrenswear community for producing the gorgeous designs made from the highest quality materials – as with all Spanish dress designers.

la amapola baby dress with bonnet

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La Amapola means 'Poppy' in English and this is reflected in their logo. Beatriz Bustamante is the fashion designer behind the brand, who has followed her dream by combining the love for our little ones and her extensive knowledge of fashion.

The brand and their Spanish girls dresses have been a huge success here in the UK, however they are not very widely available. We have only personally seen them in a limited number of specialist Spanish baby clothing stores in the south of the UK, but we would love to see them in many more – especially in our own Spanish baby clothing boutique!

The picture to the right shows a classic La Amapola Spanish baby dress design. This green and pink design includes frills and bows in all the right places. Being a bright, sleeveless dress makes this perfect for any little girl's Spring and Summer wardrobe.

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Below we have 3 more examples of the beautifully designed dresses from the latest collection. With the delicate polka dots, floral patterns and massive bows your little one will be best dressed to any occasion. Using these patterns along with the vibrant colours reinforces the traditional feel to these Spanish girls dresses.


More images of La Amapola dresses can be seen on the La Amapola Facebook page.